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July 15, 2011

Your PopCulteer is a tad overworked this week. I have a ton of really great books and CDs to review, but my Summer hiatus from Radio Free Charleston has yet to pay any dividends in terms of free time so far. It’s hard work trying not to work hard. Because of that, today’s PopCulteer is going to consist of some of the milestone episodes of RFC, a photo essay on IWA East Coast’s return to glory last Tuesday in Nitro, and a look at some upcoming weekend events.

That is IWA East Coast’s founder father, Mad Man Pondo at the right. He was in tag team action with his partner, Too Tuff Tony, against the high-flying Irish Airborne.

Radio Free Charleston’s Greatest Hits

In honor of our fifth anniversary, we’re going to re-present some of our more notable shows from the past half-decade.  Kicking it off is our very first show. Gosh, we all looked so much younger then!

RFC 01 "Pilot"

RFC Archives | Myspace Video

Episode 23 was devoted to a one-time-only reunion of the band, The Feast Of Stephen, at the legendary LiveMix Studio, staged exclusively for RFC.

RFC 23

RFC Archives | Myspace Video

Episode 40 was our first elaborate April Fool’s show.

RFC 40 "April Fool's"

RFC Archives | Myspace Video

Episode 50 included Unknown Hinson introducing Hasil Adkins, plus The Concept, Melanie Larch and the RFC debut of Kitty Killton.

RFC 50 "The Golden Show"

RFC Archives | Myspace Video

Our second “Show Without Words” is considered one of our best episodes by many people.

RFC 57 "Grumpy Shirt"

RFC Archives | Myspace Video

Another candidate for “Best RFC Show” is our 2009 Halloween special, with Unknown Hinson, Flare Baroshi, The Big bad, CYAC , The No Pants Players and a cast of thousands.

RFC 85 "HallowEast Shirt"

RFC Archives | Myspace Video

We did a double-length episode to celebrate our 100th show, with music by The Nanker Phelge, Eva Elution, The Hellblinki Sextet and Jeff Ellis, plus a cameo by RFC Big Shot Melanie Larch and my lovely co-host for this show, my imaginary daughter, Chelsea Cook.

Our most recent Show Without Words was done comic-book style, and included the winner of this year’s FestivALL silent movie contest, with its original soundtrack.

RFC 125 is our most recent April Fool’s episode, with host segments shot in Washington DC.

Stiff Competion 2

IWA East Coast returned to action this week with “Stiff Competition 2” in Nitro. Here are just a few of the notable images from the evening.

Mad Man Pondo and Too Tuff Tony pose with a fan

Mad Man Pondo and Too Tuff Tony pose with a fan


Mickie Knuckles, at the autograph table

The class act, Chris Hero, spending time with the fans

Check out the action from the Low Ki vs. Necro Butcher match.

The action spilled out of the ring and into the bleachers

Weekend Events

Friday night the big show is Sasha Colette and The Magnolias with Ghost Fleet and Tyler Childers at The Empty Glass. It kicks off at 10 PM, and the cover is seven bucks.

Five dollars will get you into the Blue Parrot for a night of metal with Deadface Down, Strangled by Statures, Thy Broother’s Blood and My Kind.

Saturday The Glass plays host to The Poor Taters at 10 PM for eight dollars.

Earlier Saturday night, at The Alban Theater in St. Albans you can see The No Pants Players in a family friendly show for six dollars, starting at 8 PM.

Sunday evening it’s time for Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art Burlesque drawing class. Eight dollars in advance, or ten dollars at the door at Kanawha Players Theater on Charleston’s East End. Doors open at 6:30 PM and you can draw until 10 PM. It’s BYOB, too, if you’re of age.  Below is a drawing by Glen Brogan in honor of Dr. Sketchy’s. You saw some of my Dr. Sketchy’s work last Monday, here in PopCult.

That’s it for me this week. I gotta get some sleep.

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