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Looking Through The Wires

Looking Through The Wires

Our Monday Morning Art this week is another digital painting from a series I am doing for the benefit concert/art auction for Emily Gunter-Haynes, which is coming up March 2 at the Blue Parrot.  I’ll have more details as the day approaches.  This will be the first time that any of my art has been auctioned (that I know of) since 1990, so I hope these digital paintings are able to bring in a few extra bucks to help out Emily and Jeff as they struggle against a debilitating health issue.  The painting is “Looking Through The Wires.”  It’s a combination of several techniques, all done using the same trusty computer that I use to edit Radio Free Charleston. I’d like to think that some people may consider it rather nifty-looking.

As always, you can click the image to see a larger version.  And you can also buy this image in the newly revamped Monday Morning Art Store.  Any proceeds from the sale of this image will be donated to Emily and Jeff, so spend freely, people.  You can also follow these links to see my efforts in the PopCult store and the Radio Free Charleston store. Follow the jump for a look at alternate versions of this piece.

Here’s an early version, before I applied the eggshell paint filter. 

I was curious to see what this would look like flipped to a negative image. It was interesting, but I liked the finished version better.

Here’s the flyer for the event. I hope you can all attend. It should be an incredible day.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    Can them colored wires conduct electricity? ‘Cause, from the looks of them, I’m not sure.

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