April 8, 2016

The big news this weekend in this special “All Stuff To Do” edition of The PopCulteer is the live radio broadcast concert by the band Trielement which you can listen to at Appalachian Independent Radio Sunday night at 10 PM.

You can visit the AIRadio website or just tune in on this convenient little internet radio embedded below…

If you can, it’s best to catch this incredible band live but if you can’t go out that late on the night before a Monday morning, the next best thing is tuning in to Charleston’s boldest independent radio station, AIRadio.

Trielement is a heavy progressive, mostly instrumental band consisting of Kenny Booth on guitar, Joey Lafferty on bass, and Dave Roberts on drums.  Once in a while, Kenny will even surprise you with an unexpected vocal turn.

The band will take a brief hiatus after this show so that they can finish their studio album debut.  In a few months, they will hit the road in support of Neil Zaza, guitar maestro extraordinaire.  If you want to catch the show in person, the music kicks off at 10 PM Sunday night at The Empty Glass.

More Radio On The Radio

radio 02At that same embedded radio widget that you see above, you can tune in Friday night for a world of wonderment on Appalachian Independent Radio.  At 8 PM, it’s a brand new episode of Word Association with Lee and Rudy wherein Lee Harrah and your PopCulteer discuss Marx Toys and the soon-to-close Marx Toy Museum.

At 9 PM, Lee Hale brings us a new episode of Laugh Appalachia.  At 9:30, it’s a special bonus new episode of Word Association with Lee and Rudy about the long-ago days of Charleston radio.

10 PM sees a replay of this week’s Radio Free Charleston International, which you can read all about HERE.

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12931264_10208934630261632_4817486272849788093_nThat’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. Check back for all sorts of regular features, irregular features, and outright surprises from the world of pop culture.