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October 17, 2014

It’s another weekend crammed with more stuff than one human could possibly attend here in Charleston.

So we’re going to try to provide you with the highlights so that you can realize what your missing while you’re going to other cool stuff.

Farenheit 451

Fahrenheit451BThe Science Fiction Movie Series continues at The Electric Sky Theater at The Clay Center this weekend, as they present Francois Truffaut’s 1966 film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s cautionary tale about a dystopian government in the future where books are banned and everybody is forced to watch FOX News.

Julie Christie and Oscar Werner star in this speculative fiction classic.You can see it Friday and Saturday at 7:30 PM at The Electric Sky Theater at The Clay Center. Tickets are six dollars and for more information, you can call 304-561-3570, or visit the Clay Center’s website.

Venus in Fur

1924842_10152752085744400_439154948365960325_nRob Boone and Marlette Carter dance the mindgame tango in David Ives’ “Venus in Fur” at The Alban Arts Center.This two-person play depicts a power struggle between a director and an actress as the reverse roles and try to figure out which one has the upper hand.

Boone plays Playwright Thomas Novachek, a panicked director who can’t find any actress who can bring his character to life. Carter plays Vanda, a mysterious muse who is perfect for the role.

The audition quickly escalates into a seductive power play. With loads of cheek and a hint of the erotic, Venus in Fur keeps you on the edge of your seat as you question “who is really in charge here?”

This is a sexy, provocative play, with a lot of adult language and a little skin shown, so blue-nosed censor types and impressionable children should probably stay at home.

This behind the scenes play-within-a-play is directed by Greg Morris, and promises to be yet another impressive and challenging productions put on at The Alban. Show dates are October 17, 18 & 24, 25 at 8 PM and October 19 & 26 at 2 PM. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students and they can be ordered in advance HERE.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead: The Musical opens tonight and runs the next three weekends and you can read all about it HERE.

Dr. Sketchy

10517306_10101114715303813_4711180868365730615_oSunday evening at 7 PM Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School returns to Uncork and Create (across from the Quarrier Diner) for an evening of ripping fun with Saucy Jack and his lady friends.

It’s a Jack The Ripper-themed figure drawing session, CSI: Whitechapel, and ten bucks gets adults in the door, with their own bottle, if they wish to imbibe and draw. Read more about it HERE.

Shake Your Pants Off

The No Pants Players say they are gladly performing a benefit show for The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Parkinson’s Research Saturday, October 18. The truth is that they are scared to death. They have been asked by the organizers to do as many jokes in poor taste about the disease as possible, but they fear offending the audience. Making matters more dire is that, to make sure that they do plenty of jokes about Parkinson’s, a sniper, himself suffering from Parkinson’s, will be in the rear of the auditorium, ready to pick off any troupe member who doesn’t crack enough jokes about the disease.

The chances of said sniper actually hitting anyone are slim, but the troupe is still worried about coming up with material that is in absolutely horrible, nasty, mean-spirited and vile taste, without crossing the line. Actually, I made up the bit about the sniper, but I’m trying to lead by example here.

You can join the troupe for a night of interactive improv comedy. This will be a “PG-13” performance. Your favorite alcoholic beverages will be provided by Embassy Suites. Tickets are $25 for adults, and $20 for children of irresponsible parents. They can be ordered in advance, or purchased at the door before the show, which begins at 7 PM.



The Brothers Sisters

The Brothers Sisters

Free Music Friday includes The Brothers Sisters, performing at Taylor Books starting at 7:30 PM. This eclectic trio includes Albert Perrone, Marylin McKeown and Douglas Imbrogno, the instigator behind The Gazz and the man responsible for your PopCulteer beginning to PopCult in the first place, back in 2005.

More free music Friday sees Marshall Petty and The Groove at 5 Corners Cafe at 5 PM, at the corner of Delaware avenue and Virginia Street on Charleston’s West Side. White Mollasses will be a Bruno’s on Leon Sullivan Way at 9 PM and Renegade Mary will be the Village, 7004 Sissonvile Drive, also at 9 PM.

Music with a cover and cool graphics on Friday are seen below…


It’s super-charged jam rock at The Empty Glass tonight with From The Future, featuring Stuart Hill guitar/vocals, Chris Allen / Bass and Chris Hudson. Drums. The show starts at 10 PM, Empty Glass Standard Time, and the cover charge is seven dollars.



Free music Saturday is packed with Born Old kicking it off at 7 PM at Bluegrass Kitchen, on Charleston’s East End. Mike Bennet holds court at Taylor Books at 7:30 PM. At 8 PM, our old friend Spencer Elliott is joined by Rus Reppert at Black Sheep Burrito, 702 Quarrier Street.Danielle and Steve will perform at Wine Valley at Liberty Square in Hurricane at 8:30 PM.

Blue Million and Stephen Beckner at Dunbar Lanes

Blue Million and Stephen Beckner at Dunbar Lanes

Wrapping up the free music are two RFC faves, Stephen Beckner and Blue Million, who will bring their latest tunes to the area’s hippest new venue, Dunbar Lane’s 13th Lane Taproom at The Bowling Alley in Dunbar 1212 Ohio Street, right around the corner from the Library.

Music with a cover includes all the following cool-looking shows by bands who were nice enough to make graphics for me to use.





That’s about it for this week’s PopCulteer. We have more cool stuff winging your way, plus all our regular features, so stay tuned to Charleston’s original Pop Culture blog, with with 200% more content than our nearest competitor. Also, we now have Retsin!