The PopCult Toybox

mikepoweruniformsetPopCult is still under siege by computer gremlins, but luckily Mark Otnes, who produces The Joe Report for Patches of Pride has been diligently updating his readers with details of the recent Official GI Joe Collector’s Club Convention, held this year in Springfield, IL.

Unlike JoeLanta, The Official convention focuses more on the 3 3/4″ “Real American Hero” figures, but that doesn’t mean that fans of the original GI Joe are left out in the cold. Mark tracked down the club’s head honcho, Brian Savage, for a very cool interview and Savage revealed quite a few pleasant surprises for collectors of the 12″ GI Joe.

Mark’s also put in yeoman duty covering the convention via video. Head on over to the Joe Report, and tell ’em PopCult sent you.