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MEGO, the classic toy company from the 1970s announced its return last month, already delaying the full details once, and now we know more about what they’re releasing, where and when.

Target will be the exclusive retailer for the first year, and among the figures they’re releasing will be Star Trek, Action Jackson, Joe Namath, all of which were released back in the day by MEGO. New additions to the line include “The Brady Bunch,” “Cheers,” “I Dream of Jeannie”(seen right) and “Married with Children.” The line will feature 8-inch figures, 14-inch figures, and 8-inch figure 2-pack dioramas. Collectors can also look for the first 14-inch figure unveiled so far, which is Harley Quinn, from Batman The Animated Series.

It looks like Target is going after the nostalgia market, with MEGO maybe replacing Funko Pops, as those stylized figures seem to be rapidly falling out of favor with casual collectors. It will cool to find out what the additional figures in the line are. The suggested retail price is fantastic news for collectors, and this revitalized line has a lot of potential.

Target’s exclusive line of Mego collectibles will be available in stores and online July 29 at prices ranging from $14.99 to $29.99. More details will be available next week at San Diego Comic Con International, where the figures will initially go on sale. We’ll bring you the news as soon as possible, and it’s likely that MegoMuseum will scoop us. They broke this news just before us.


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