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MEGO Storms Into 2019 With New Action Figures

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Within two hours of me posting the Toy News update in last week’s PopCulteer, the floodgates opened with news of the upcoming general release of MEGO figures (AKA “Wave 4), which will be available from any retailer who wishes to sell them beginning in March or April. These pictures were all over social media all weekend, but are being reposted here for the sake of completeness, and as a service to those collectors who do not spend all their time on Facebook.

Last year MEGO action figures were sold exclusively at Target stores and at Target online. That period of exclusivity is over, but Target will still be selling MEGO figures, and some of the figures we showed you last Friday may be exclusive to the store. Details are still a little fuzzy on which stores will have which figures, but most of them will be sold at multiple retailers.

Thus far, we know of a few online retailers who are taking pre-orders, but it’s a safe bet that more will spring up as we get closer to the arrival date for these cool new action figures. Because some of the dealers offering pre-sale prices are bad about jacking up the prices, we’re not going to provide any links until these are actually available. The suggested retail price for the single-pack eight-inch figures is $14.99. Any retailer charging more than that should be avoided.

What was announced last Friday were several all-new figures, some significant variants of figures that were released in 2018, and few repackaging of popular figures with minor changes to the costume and card art.

At the head of this post you see Lt. Uhura, one of four Star Trek figures in this wave. This is the “regular” Uhura, as opposed to the “Mirror Universe” Uhura that was sold in a two-figure set at Target last fall.

Below we’ll look at the rest of the new line-up. These photos are likely pre-production packaging samples, and the finished product may look quite different from these in some cases.

Right off the bat, we have to look at Elvis Presley. This one has been a bit controversial because, as you can see, the headsculpt shown in the sample photo does not look much like the King. In fact, it’s a dead ringer for West Virginia’s own Dancing Outlaw, a man with an Elvis fixation, Jesco White. Reportedly, the final product will not look like this, but if it does, this things going to sell like crazy here in the Mountain State.

Another choice that has gotten mixed reactions online are these four figures based on the show, Impractical Jokers. You can see them above and below.

While i have to admit to not being a fan of the show at all, this license has the potential to be a breakout success, since it’s very popular with kids, and unlike Funko Pops, these MEGO figures can be used to recreate some of the stunts from the show. This may well be the first new MEGO line to get a playset of some sort.

Aside from Uhura, the next wave of MEGO figures will include Kirk and Spock in their Dress Uniforms, and a more elaborate Romulan Commander. Putting new outfits on existing figures allowed MEGO to get these ready for production in time to be in stores this Spring. Among the new features, Spock is making his “Live Long and Prosper” hand gesture.

Possibly exclusive to Target, we find Andre the Giant. A wonderful choice, we are holding out hope that he’s significantly taller than the other MEGO figures.

Jimi Hendrix shows up in a more iconic outfit than his first release.

Bruce Lee enters the Legends line up with what could be the first of several figures.

The grand-slam home run of Wave Four is this fantastic Nosferatu figure, part of the new “Horror” line. Brilliant sculpting and tailoring make this a must-have figure.

Another Horror entry is The Invisible Man. The entire figure will be molded in clear plastic. We don’t know if his bandages and sunglasses will be added before this reaches stores, but it’s pretty cool either way.

I don’t think they’re going to have any trouble selling this Horror entry, either. Freddy looks pretty fantastic.

Last year’s Movie Classic figures at Target get a few changes as they move to the Horror line. Dracula gets a red-lining in his cape. The Werewolf now has a blue shirt, instead of a red one, and Frankenstein not only has a new black outfit, but he glows in the dark, too.

Finally we have six new entries in the 14″ DC Comics series. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are all in their “New 52” gear. The Joker has his jacket, but a much less elaborate shirt and vest, and our all-new additions are Aquaman and his nemesis, Black Manta.

We will continue to keep you updated on the new MEGO figures as more details become available (hopefully not on a Friday afternoon right after we’ve knocked off for the weekend next time). As soon as we posted this, MEGO tweeted that more news is coming soon.


  1. Thomas Wheeler

    I like the Romulan Commander, and the Invisible Man is clever. Not especially interested in the rest of it, although the 14″ DC figures look a little more impressive than the first batch.

  2. Donald Sinclair

    I’m a fan of the original mego line. I would like to like the new line but the face sculpt just isn’t at the same level it used to be.

  3. Todd Betts

    I love having MEGO figures back! Hoping for a return of the Planet of the Apes line like back in the 70’s. By the time I’m done I’ll have an entire room full of them. Like going back and reclaiming some of my childhood.

  4. Luis Fernando

    mego must evolutionate this figures and put a new product, with more articulation like the 1/6, and they should explored more further the 1/6 scale as well. they can provide with better product if mego wants to take over the action figures merchandise…

  5. Pam

    All the characters are cool that have been dobe so far. What about The Creature From the Black Lagoon? That’s the one character I was hoping Mego would do. If you haven’t yet, please do that character. He’s a favourite of mine.

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