radio 03It’s the Friday afternoon that starts off Memorial Day Weekend and that means it’s time to tell you about all our special programming on The AIR, Charleston’s niftiest source of amazing and apocryphal original radio programming. You can listen at the AIRadio website, or tune in on this neat little virtual radio set…

Tonight at 8 PM on Word Association with Lee and Rudy, Rudy Panucci and Lee Harrah discuss toy cars, That’s a broad topic and your pair of pop culture pundits barely scratch the surface before Luigi, the kitchen timer, rings out. At 8:30 it’s a special replay of the episode of On The Road with Mel where Lee and Rudy invade The AIR’s weekly travel show to talk about their trip to Georgia.

At 9 PM we will be treated to a brand-new episode of Laugh Appalachia with Lee Hale and his crew, filled with fun talk of craft beer, extreme Frisbee and other cool stuff.

At 9:30 listen to an encore presentation of last week’s Word Association where Lee and Rudy spend thirty minutes .talking about Lame Superheroes. 10 PM sees a replay of this week’s brand-new Radio Free Charleston International, which combined an hour of brand-new music with an hour of classic cuts from the world’s greatest musical forces, including Bob Dylan, King Crimson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Joe Jackson, Prince Frank Zappa and more.

Because it was so well-received last week, we will once again let Radio Free Charleston take over the overnight spot Friday, with repeats of Radio Free Charleston and Radio Free Charleston International running all night long, just to give you an extra chance to listen to our shows that you may have missed. The fun starts start at midnight and will run until our regularly-schedule Saturday morning replays.

saturday morning 003Saturday morning check back here for a replay of all of the cool new shows that I had a hand in this week. Starting Saturday at 9 AM, you can stay at home and listen to AIRadio for six straight hours to hear a marathon of cool programming.

The line up kicks off at 9 AM with this week’s new episodes of Radio Free Charleston and  Radio Free Charleston International at 11 AM. Then at 1 PM check out The Chicago Travelogue on On The Road with Mel, followed by a discussion of Toy Cars on Word Association with Lee and Rudy and a primer on Anime on The Booster Pack.

This weekend we pull out all the stops on AIRadio. Following The Booster Pack, at 3 PM, you can tune in for four hours of Six Degrees of Separation, where Tim and Roadblock talk local music legends with Jack Griffth and Richard Alderson. At 7 PM you get a bonus hour of the best of On The Road with Mel, followed at 8 PM by an extra episode of The Booster Pack, and at 9 PM an hour of Word Association.

This Sunday we are once again experimenting with marathon programming as Radio Free Charleston kicks off at 1 AM, and various Empty Glass, General Substances and Gorillafoot Productions programming fill The AIR until 10 PM. Tune in to see what all the fuss is about!

As a special surprise on Monday, beginning at 8 AM, The AIR will present a marathon of Patrick Felton’s acclaimed That Conversation podcast. On the first of July, Patrick’s show will join our line up with re-edited and updated episodes, but for Memorial Day you can tune in and hear the original podcast interviews with people like Dan Kehde, Ryan Hardiman, Penny Maple, and more. Tune in all day because we will probably run these until midnight.