Changes are coming to The AIR, starting today, which is roughly the second anniversary of The AIR becoming the internet radio station arm of this, the PopCult blog.

You can tune in to The AIR at the website, or on this handy embedded player.

To mark this annivesary (and to shake things up a bit) we are making some changes to the schedule. You’ll get to check back each day this week to see exactly what those changes are, but today we can tell you that every Monday, for at least the rest of the Summer, we will program Monday Marathons, allowing each of our music programs 24 hours to shine all on their own.

Beginning at 7 AM Monday, and running until 7 AM Tuesday, each week will bring a full day of one of our specialty music shows. This week, to ease the transition, we are programming a full day’s worth of Prognosis, hosted by either Herman Linte, or yours truly. Going forward, you will be able to find out what our Monday Marathon featured program will be by reading the blurb which will accompany Monday Morning Art here in PopCult each week.

With Monday’s being otherwise occupied, Prognosis will be moving to a new timeslot, which will be revealed later this week. Tomorrow we’ll take the wraps off of one brand-new program, and bring you new episodes of two of our returning favorites.

It’s our way of celebrating our anniversary without making too big a deal or begging for money. It’s sort of a soft anniversary anyway, since The AIR was around before as “OnTheAIRadio,” and before that, way back in 2014, this little internet radio station began life as “Voices of Appalachia.”

But it’s been two years since The AIR had its mind-meld with PopCult and became completely under my cult-like dictatorial powers. Tune in and find out how I have managed to entice a tiny international audience to listen to this station!