Your PopCulteer’s artistic muse is still New York City this week, as we give you a digital painting of a view of 42nd Street, done up in the style of pre-WWII magazine paintings. It’s sort of like being awed and inspried by nature, only in an Urban setting, without so much nature involved. I would’ve tackled this as a piece of real-world art, but my fingers are not cooperating during this hostile-to-Myasthenia-Gravis weather we’re having. I’m not sure how much more milage I can get out of my May trip to The Big Apple. This series might be over now, or it might have a week or two left in it. You’ll just have to check back next Monday morning to see.

Meanwhile, you can click this image to see it bigger.

Over in radio-land, Monday on The AIR, this week we bring you a Monday Marathon featuring four more episodes of Syndey’s Big Electric Cat that we didn’t run during the marathons last Thursday and Friday. We still want to salute Sydney Fileen and her recent birthday. plus a lot of our listeners enjoy listening to New Wave Music all day long. That begins at 7 AM.

At 3 PM Herman Linte’s show, Prognosis, now holds court on Mondays. This week we bring you an encore of a recent program, since the Haversham crew are now off on holiday in Spain.

Prognosis will be followed by a classic episode at 5 PM, and then by replays of last week’s Psychedelic Shack at 7 PM, Radio Free Charleston at 8 PM and RFC International at 9 PM. Then at 11 PM we kick it back over to Prognosis, with an eight hour marathon of great progressive rock.

You can listen to The AIR at the website, or on this embedded radio player…