This weeek’s art is a digital painting that is a frame-grab from the music video for Radiohead’s “Nude” (Frank panucci Remix), featuring the Wayward Girls School of Burlesque, which you can see later today on episode 179 of Radio Free Charleston. Today’s image is of the school’s headmistress, Penny Maple

You can see The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque in the flesh at their Valentines Day show on February 8 at Kanawha Players at 9:30 and on Valentines day itself, February 14, The Wayward Girls will be at The Empty Glass as part of the annual Empty Glass Anti-Valentine party. There will be live music and all sorts of cool goodies at both shows.

Check back later today for RFC 179, with Byzantine, Radiohead, and music from The Third Eye Cabaret, plus animation by Andrew from Hellblinki. And click on the image to see it larger.