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Monday Morning Art: Archway


The first Monday Morning Art of the new year is a digitally-assaulted photograph that I call “Archway.”  It’s not actually a photo of an archway.  It’s a photo I took last summer of the levelling of the old Ames store in Dunbar.  I had at it with color manipulation, then mirrored it and came up with what you see.

As always, click the picture to enlarge (or follow this link, if that doesn’t work) and go here to buy overpriced merchandise with this image.


  1. Elvis Capone

    I can’t offer a valid reason, nor should you demand such from me, but your Monday morning Art from this week should be entitled “Second Ham Smoke”. It looks like a Rubix Cube passed through Picasso’s wood chipper, circa his “multicolored frenzy” period of 1928.

  2. M3 Aggregate

    I can’t make out the cookies. Where are they supposed to be? All I can see is brightly-colored gee I’m a tree.

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