Arm Tree

This morning’s art is the other piece I created for Ann Magnuson’s SurRURALism show last month that actually made it in. Thanks again to Ann and to Mark Wolfe for letting me be part of something so cool. This particular piece is a composite photo-digital painting of a recurring nightmare image of mine: Trees shaped like human arms breaking upward out of the pavement. Click to enlarge.

Your PopCulteer has taken advantage of various technical bugs over this past weekend to actually have a weekend. There will be no RFC MINI SHOW this week because we still can’t embed videos here in PopCult. I’m still not sure of the status of Voices of Appalachia. I hope to at least bring you a link to a podcast version of the Radio Free Charleston audio show tomorrow.  To be honest, it was nice to be able to take a weekend away from chronicling the local music scene. The nose will go back to the grindstone next week.  Also, work proceeds on The ShockaCon Horror Show podcast, hosted by Lee Harrah. You’ll be hearing about that very soon.