ArtMares, the horror-themed art show, will once again be part of HallowEast this year, and I am proud to once again be incuded among the artists whose work will be on display. What you see above is a pencil study for the digital painting that became “Ghouls Night Out,” my new entry for this year’s exhibit. You may rememer this image from last year. You’ll have to wait to see which of the two fully-painted versions I posted as Monday Morning Art last year made it into ArtMares.

This image is based on a photo taken at the Halloween edition of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School last year. It features Lavendar Menace, Elle Xombeah, Vorel Sarkany and Penny Maple. This year’s Halloween Dr. Sketchy’s session happens Sunday, October 21 at Kanawha Players Theater, and the theme is Vampirella!

ArtMares opens at Contemporary Galleries on October 24 for a sneak preview. On Friday, October 26, an artist’s reception will be held at Contemporary Galleries with music from the incredible Sean Sydnor. For more details, check the HallowEast IV website.