We revisit Betty Blythe with our out this week. I went with another old black and white publicity still of silent movie star, Betty Blythe, and printed it out on cheap photo paper, then painted over it with a mixed media bag of acrylic paint, water colors, inks and markers, and came up with a piece that was a little more personally satisfying than the portrait of her that I rendered in ink a couple of weeks ago. This one is less of a colorized photo and more of an impressionistic piece.

This time I blew up a tiny .jpg I found online (seen right), flopped the image and blew it up before printing it. This left it with some weird .jpeg artifacts, which I incorporated into the piece. I did a simple grid in the background, using a brush guided by a ruler. Depicting the background through the sheer material of her clothing maybe didn’t work as well as I’d hoped, but I was rushing a deadline before my fingers gave out again.

To see it bigger try clicking HERE.

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