Today is your PopCulteer’s birthday, a milestone one, in fact, so today’s art is completely self-indulgent. It’s a digital collage/painting of the PopCult birthday party, featuring Captain Marvel, Bettie Page, Robot B-9, The Beatles circa Yellow Submarine, The Yellow Submarine, The Batmobile, figures from the cover of “Kirby Unleashed,” a book by Jack Kirby, Steve Rude and Mike Baron’s Nexus, Popeye, Gumby and Pokey, The GI Joe Adventure Team and Helicoptor, Quisp, two Tex Avery redheads, a Tex Avery wolf, Ren and Stimpy, Finn and Jake, Benson from The Regular Show, Lenny Bruce, The Metal Men, Kate Bush, DEVO, Robby The Robot, Two Stupid Dogs and the crew from Funny Face Drink Mix. And these were just the folks who showed up early.

Images are swiped from all over the web. Acknowlegements to the work of C.C. Beck, Irving Klaw, Jack Kirby, Steve Rude, John Kricfalusi, Donovan Cook, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito, Pendleton Ward, Preston Blair, Tex Avery, Heinz Edlemann, Art Clokey, Bud Sagendorff, Jay Ward, George Barris, and many others.

Click to enlarge, and happy birthday to me.