PC ded 001a

Above and below you see two digital paintings based on photographs of the screen of my computer as I feared that it let loose its grasp upon this mortal coil and was drifting into the digital afterlife. Your PopCulteer’s trusty dual-core Compaq computer had seemingly floated off to meet CyberJesus in PC Heaven. This workhourse is what I’ve been using since 2007 to bring you PopCult, Radio Free Charleston and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, not to mention all of my digital art. Well, except for what you see today.

This was not the tragedy that it might have been in previous years. PopCult is being updated from the Frankenteined laptop that we keep in the kitchen. A new i5 computer is sitting on my desk waiting for its custom operating system and all its software to be installed. We will skip the RFC MINI SHOW this week, but our streaming radio show should be online tomorrow. No data was lost, since this time it was evidently cancer of the motherboard what brought us down. With any luck we will be up and running with a rock-solid system in a matter of days.

Still, lets take a moment of silence and bow our heads as we honor our trusty companion of nearly eight years. Following its wishes, the PC will be stripped of all usable parts, which will wind up on our next Frankensteined computer. And we still have the art. Click to enlarge.

(Special Sunday late-night Happy Correction: It turns out that the PC was not terminal and instead simply had a blown video card, which sort of makes this whole post pointless, but we’re leaving it up anyway, even though our loyal cyber-steed has risen, Phoenix-like, from the ashes to soar to new heights…at least it will, once the new video card comes in the mail.)

PC ded 002a