This week I decided to go back and revisit a piece that I did for Charleston’s Main Street East End project where artsy street signs were put up all over Washington Street on the East End. This was a really cool project, which unfortunately is mostly gone now. Ignoring my advice, the signs were not printed with UV protection, and over the years, most of them faded. A couple of years ago they started taking them down, and I have no idea if they ever plan to reprint the signs and put them back up.

East End Main Street has not been good about communicating with their artists about this sort of thing.

I was very happy with this piece, and it was really cool to drive near the Capitol building and see it on the lamp post outside the McDonalds. I wish they’d let us know if they’ll ever be re-erected or displayed anywhere else.

Back when I did the original piece, more than nine years ago, I posted a step-by-step look at the process I undertook to make it. You can find it HERE.

For this revamp, I tweaked the colors a bit, with a few years worth of hindsight, and that’s it up there.

Click to see it bigger.

I’ll have today’s notes for The AIR posted later today.