Today’s Monday Morning Art is an iPort™ Instagram photo of the docking of the Space Cruiser Coppola at the Unified Stratoport orbiting over the Appalachian region.  Due to the quirks in remote iPort™ technology, the picture was knocked into high-contrast black and white,which makes for a really cool effect in this case.  This was another routine arrival of the Coppola, a space barge hauling coal to the Southern Moonbase where they’re fracking for space gas. From the iPort™ vantage we can see the bottom of the cruiser as it descends into the nesting pod. A few seconds later.  as the ship blocks out all light, this area was pitch black, save for the glow-in-the-dark exit markings.

Or maybe it’s a shot of the ripped-out ceiling of the Huntington Mall, run through the “Stark Charleston” filter. Either way, it’s pretty cool looking. Click to see it bigger.