Today’s art is the original color marker sketch, “Dog Boy,” that wound up as part of “Monster Faces,” a collaborative work that I did witb my brother, Frank Panucci for the ArtMares exhibit during HallowEast. Well, this week, on Black Friday, you’ll get a chance to revisit ArtMares, one of the coolest art shows in Charleston. The ArtMares exhibit can be seen once more during Friday’s Art Walk at 1598 Washington Street, across the street from The Bluegrass Kitchen. Art Walk is on Friday this month, and will be up and running from 5 PM to 8 PM at the usual galleries downtown. Check out the newly-redesigned website here.

“Dog Boy” was drawn at LiveMix Studio one night in late Summer, when I was still mourning the loss of one of my heroes, Heinz Edelmann, by mercilessly ripping off his style. Click the image to see it larger.