Last night saw the end of FestivAll 2012, and for us, the final event was Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School at The Broadway.  Penny Maple, Elle Xombeah and Afrodesiac struck their poses and the artsy folk did their stuff. We ended up leaving about halfway through, because I had to get back to work on RFC 162, the second half of our FestivAll coverage, which we hope to have edited and uploaded by Wednesday You will even get to see some video from last night’s Dr. Sketchy, along with music from The Bob Thompson Unit, The Boatmen, Bare Bones, The Leon Waters Blues Band and way more.

Until then, enjoy the models, and click to enlarge. Above, you see Penny all folded up. Below you see Elle, concentrating, and Afrodesiac pnking it up with  ukelele.