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Monday Morning Art: Eye Thing

This week’s Monday Morning Art is another digitally-finished gem from one of my old sketch books, circa 1989.  This is called “Eye Thing,” and after the jump you can see how it evolved from a colored marker sketch into today’s digital painting, with a few rotations and aspect-ratio changes along the way.

As always, you can click the image to see a larger version.  And starting Monday afternoon, you can also buy this image in the newly revamped Monday Morning Art Store.  Please, don’t harm yourself while waiting for the store to be updated.  There are technical reasons for the delay, and we hate to be reponsible when our loyal customers hang themselves.  You can also follow these links to see my efforts in the PopCult store and the Radio Free Charleston store 

Here’s the original sketch.

Here it is cleaned up, with the background blown out.

A color change of the background gets us to the point right before the aspect ratio is changed, the image is rotated 90 degrees, and a couple of other effects are layered on.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    You ball, I ball, we all ball for eye ball.

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