This week’s art is a quick n’sloppy mixed media piece created without the use of photo reference, mainly because I was too lazy to look for any.

It’s a largely acrylic painting of autumnal colors in the trees, the likes of which yours truly usually doesn’t have any luck capturing in photographs.

So I made this one up. It’s acrylic on heavy duty watercolor paper, but the sky is all watercolor, and I did a little touch-up work with pastel crayons. I also cropped the heck out of it because it was really sloppy around the edges.

While I tried to employ a little bit of Edward Hopperesque light and shadow here, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that some Bob Ross-style “happy little trees” crept into my technique.

To see it bigger,  try clicking HERE

Over in radioland, Monday on The AIR, we begin a five-day marathon of forty classic episodes of Radio Free Charleston Volume 5, from 2021. You can find all the details about this 120-hour-blast of free-format radio loaded with local and independent music elsewhere in PopCult.