Allow your PopCulteer a bit of indulgence here, please.  Today is his fifth wedding anniversary, and he wanted to celebrate that with a Monday Morning Art painting of him and his lovely wife, Melanie Larch, to mark the occasion. Mel won’t see this until it’s posted here, so I’m hoping that it will make her even happier as we spend our day wandering aimlessly around Southeast Pennsylvania, possibly somewhere between Blue Ball and Intercourse.

I did this when I was preparing a week’s worth of PopCult in advance so that nobody would notice that I was gone. It’s a mixed-media painting, based on a photograph of us taken at the National Mall a few years ago. I didn’t paint in the Washtington Monument because I was in a hurry to get this done while packing for our trip.

You can read about our wedding and see the photo that inspired this painting HERE.

If you wish, you can click this image to see it bigger.

Meanwhile, over in radio-land, Monday on The AIR, this week we bring you a Monday Marathon featuring four special episodes of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat.

You can listen to The AIR at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

At 3 PM Herman Linte’s show, Prognosis marks 51 episodes with the second of a two-part “Prog Rock 101” special that will present songs from the quintessential progressive rock bands.

Check out the playlist below…

Prognosis 051

The Nice “America”
Frank Zappa “Apostrophe”
The Moody Blues “Nights In White Satin”
Syd Barrett “Rhamadon”
Steve Hackett “Shadow of the Heriophant”
Rick Wakeman “Jane Seymour”
Rabbit “Locomotive Breath”
Robert Fripp “Pie Jesus”
Queen “Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)”
Peter Gabriel “Down The Dolce Vita”
Pallas “Cut And Run”
Asia “Wildest Dreams”
Can “Moonshake”
Captain Beefheart “My Human Gets Me Blues”
Chris Squire “You By My Side”
Kate Bush “Breathing”
Mike Batt “Imbecile/Plainsong”

Prognosis will be followed by an extra classic episode at 5 PM, and then by replays of last week’s Psychedelic Shack at 7 PM, Radio Free Charleston at 8 PM and RFC International at 9 PM. Then at 11 PM we kick it back over to Prognosis, with an extra eight hour marathon of great progressive rock.