We have finally left the city that never sleeps and this week our art is a moving landscape…literally. It’s a digital painting based on a sketch I did on my phone weekend before last on my way back home from the quick trip to Chicago that I’ve been telling you about for the last week. Mrs. PopCulteer had gone off to the dining car for dinner, and I stayed in our room, gazing out the window at the flat Indiana horizon that was speeding by.  I had a stylus handy and did a quick sketch on the phone, and then when I got home I dropped it into the computer, blew it up to a larger size, and painted over it. I tried to capture the twilight colors of the sky and the brisk motion of the grass going by in the foreground.

If you wish, you can click this image to see it bigger.

Over in radio-land, Monday on The AIR, this week we bring you a Monday Marathon featuring four episodes of Prognosis from the few months last year that yours truly was the host. That will lead to the rest of the day’s programming.

You can listen to The AIR at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

At 3 PM Herman Linte’s show, Prognosis, now holds court on Mondays. This week we bring you a new episode, loaded with great progressive rock. At least we hope we will. As we write this, we are still awaiting transmission of the show from the UK. However, Herman has kindly provided us with a playlist, so we can tell you what to expect.

Prognosis 049

Billy Sherwood “Hold Quiet”
Alan Parsons Project “The Naked Robot”
John Johanna “Parker Tallis Version”
Edison’s Children “The Confluence”
Flaming Lips “The Sparrow”
Hawkwind “Brainstorm”
David Bowie “Space Oddity (Clearvale Demo)”
Heather Findley “Winner”
Emerson Lake and Palmer “Pictures at an Exhibition (live)”
Paul Gilbert “Havin’ It”
King Crimson “ElectriK”
The Move “Feel Too Good”
Kansas “Song For America”

Prognosis will be followed by a classic episode at 5 PM, and then by replays of last week’s Psychedelic Shack at 7 PM, Radio Free Charleston at 8 PM and RFC International at 9 PM. Then at 11 PM we kick it back over to Prognosis, with an eight hour marathon of great progressive rock.