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Monday Morning Art for Emily

This week we’re taking a look back at the last couple of month’s worth of Monday Morning Art.  We’ve been presenting seven pieces that I created for the March 2 benefit concert for Emily Gunter-Haynes, who is suffering from a variety of ailments.  Time constraints prevented us from getting this group of digital paintings ready in time for the show, so I decided to hijack Monday Morning Art, and the Monday Morning Art Cafepress store to try and raise a few extra bucks for the cause.

Since we had technical issues that prevented last week’s art, “Detail Work,” from getting uploaded until this weekend, I decided to take a week to look back.  Also, all of this artwork will be available from the PopCult Cafepress store at least through the end of summer. All proceeds will go to Emily.  I’m also working on hooking up with a local gallery to sell prints of this work, again with all the proceeds going to my friend Emily and her family. 

If any of this work strikes your fancy, please take the time to surf on over to the Cafepress store and pick up a shirt, poster, or card.  Stay tuned to PopCult as we bring you more information on ways to help out Emily during this trying time.

Follow the jump for a detailed look at each piece. 

 Click on the image for the original PopCult Post:

Things Flying Over Other Things

Looking Through The Wires

Turbulent Sky


The Incident

Lumpy Topography

Detail Work

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  1. Emily

    Thank you my dear new friend

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