We kick off this week with a digital painting based on a photo I took just over a week ago at Three Dots and a Dash, a legendary Tiki Bar in Chicago. You might know that recently my life-long interest in almost all things Tiki bubbled to the surface after years of attempted suppression. I still don’t drink or eat pork, but my beautiful wife and I had a blast at Three Dots and a Dash and plan to go back the next time we’re in Chicago. As with all editions of Monday Morning Art, click the image to see a bigger version.

This was a digital oil painting inspired by my original, very dark, photo, which you can glimpse, fleetingly, in the Chicago Travelogue video that I put together for our trip. I posted the video over the weekend when hardly anyone is reading PopCult, so you can see it again below, just in case you missed it…or really, really like it.