This week’s Monday Morning Art is a digital abstract, a color study of nothing, as it were. I call it “Green Stuff,” because that’s pretty much what it looks like.

At first it does, anyway. If you look long enough you might find something else in there. I’m not saying what, though. I’m not confirming it, but there may be more to this piece than a simple color study. Click to enlarge.

We are, of course, in the midst of our annual holiday tradition here in PopCult, so today the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide continues. Be sure to check out all our unique gift suggestions.

air-logo-b-0001Also remember that you can tune in and hear cool stuff on our internet radio station, The AIR.

You can listen at the website, or on this familiar little embedded player…

We’re bringing you more of the best independent radio that you’ll ever hear anywhere on our humble little internet station. Your PopCulteer is still a little preoccupied with the 2018 PopCult Gift Guide, but all week long you can hear the coolest stuff on The AIR, including a new episode of Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle Marcum on Wednesday, and special holiday music all week long. Take a gander at this ever-changing embedded schedule…