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Monday Morning Art Halloween Art And Music

We’re revisiting last year’s Halloween week event with a new version of a familiar digitally-assaulted photograph, “Apocalypse On The River REDUX.” New colors and aspect ratio lend a new look to this vision of South Charleston bursting into flames, as seen from the Union Building.

You may also remember that last year I brought you a week’s worth of Halloween music, composed by yours truly. I’ve been writing orchestral music for some time, but most of it sounds like the soundtrack to bad horror movies, so it was appropriate. If you’d like the check out the music from last year, and see if you can guess which pieces I used to score the Radio Free Charleston Halloween specials, follow the following links: Day One-“Oooh Scary”; Day Two-“Robot Leprechauns With LEGOs”; Day Three-“The Raven Watches”; Day Four-“Native Drums”; Day Five-“Ten Ten”; and the bonus day, which was art and music called “Apocalypse On The River.” And it was that piece of art that I recycled into our Monday Morning Art this week. See, it all comes full circle.

Click the pic to enlarge. Click the title to laugh at my efforts to sell shirts with this art.


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    I see Dobbs in the clouds…


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