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Sneak Peek: RFC Halloween part two

RFC Show 8 Trailer

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Go watch it now: Radio Free Charleston episode EIGHT!

Production notes coming this weekend. Stay tuned….


  1. Anonymous

    now MY head’s on FIRE!!!

  2. Longtime Listener

    You really gotta quit sneaking these out with no fanfare. Stuff this good deserves to be promoted to high heaven. Glad to see you’re still alive. It was good seeing Professor Mike again, if a bit soon. The Whippers unplugged was unreal. Clownhole was a revelation. Was that the band that had the guy from the Defectors in it? Amazing work all the way around.

    Now quit burying it. Put this on the front page of The Gazz or something.

  3. Anonymous

    HOLY BEJEBUS! Freakin’ incredible. How are you going to top this? And how is something this cool coming out of Charleston? I’m stunned, really.

  4. pflbx

    for my part in this……i am unconcerned with what final cut shows up on rfc…that`s what editors do…what i am interested in is that you can google up pentagram flowerbox and see ALL of our work…even those in progress…does that interest you?oh…and praise bob and all that.
    timothy nicholas

  5. M Daddykin

    Yeah…How the hell are you going to top that? It was like an episode of Mister Cartoon for grownups. Not the Jules Hoffman Mister Cartoon, but the guy before him, the one that had all the epic adventures where he went to the moon and stuff.

    Made me want to growl for Tiger bread.

  6. Anonymous

    Tiger Bread?

    “Nobba nobba nop. Grekly grekly.”

    “At our house, we fight over the heel.”

  7. Anonymous

    Praise Tiger Bread!! 😉

  8. Anonymous

    Great show, but your flash player is acting all wonky. I had to turn the sound down and let it load first, then go back and watch it. High traffic, maybe?

  9. Anonymous


    Just for the record, the Guy before Jule Huffman as Mr. Cartoon was George Lewis. And, he smoked a pipe…

    … kinda like Bob.


  10. Mrs. Garibaldi

    This is just fantastic, but I have to agree with Longtime Listener. You really need to promote this better. How about seeing if you can get My Z to show Radio Free Charleston? They desperately need interesting programming. They’re in danger of becoming PAX JR.

    What better way for WSAZ to recapture the magic of Mr. Cartoon than by bringing in the closest thing we have to him in this generation?

    Mrs. G

  11. jonny


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