Kaiju 004

Today is Halloween, and I feel that monsters have gotten the short shrift with the holiday of late. I mean, Zombies, which are technically monsters, dominated many recent years, and this year it seems that Halloween is dominated by Hot Topicofied Super Heroes. But it’s the classic monsters…they are the reason for the season, and the classic monsters just don’t get the respect that they used to. Originally I was going to draw my take on Frankenstein’s Monster, but I wasn’t happy with the pencil drawing. It was too little Karloff, and too much Sarrazin, if you know what I mean.

So I moved on and did a pen-and-ink drawing of a generic Kaiju attacking a city. As a drawing, there are a million things wrong with it, but as the first pen-and-ink drawing I’ve finished in almost eight years, I’m pretty proud of it. For Monday Morning Art, I painted over it digitally, so I could give it more depth and cover up some of the sloppiness from what was essentially a glorified doodle. I hope it makes you feel all Halloweeny and stuff. Click to enlarge.

Be sure to tune in to The AIR all day today for special Halloween programming. You can listen to it right here on this embedded player, next to the pen-and-ink sketch of the above painting.

Kaiju 009