We kick off this week with a new abstract. I was playing with textures again, and tried to come up with a glossy look, like last week this was created using geometric effects. I decided to give it a dumb name. Click to enlarge.

Later today, the 2017 PopCult Gift Guide continues. Be sure to check out all our unique gift suggestions.

air-logo-b-0001Also remember that you can tune in and hear cool stuff on our internet radio station, The AIR.

You can listen at the website, or on this familiar little embedded player…

We’re in rerun mode this week, except for a new episode of The Real with Mark Wolfe (he talks with Jerry Walters Tuesday at 7 PM). Your PopCulteer is still a little preoccupied with the 2018 PopCult Gift Guide, and everybody needs some time off for Thanksgiving, so we’ll be bringing you the best of our recent shows until Thursday when we start a special holiday marathon of The Bat (Poop) Crazy Show. The weekend will see the start of our holiday programming. Check the schedule here: