Lumpy Topography by Rudy Panucci

This week’s Monday Morning Artistic kick-start is “Lumpy Topography,” another of the digital paintings I created for the benefit of Emily Gunter-Haynes.  In this one, the mysterious golden tubes snake over some lumpy topography, hence the name. 

All the proceeds from the Monday Morning Art Store featuring artwork from this series will go to Emily and her husband, Jeff, as they deal with her debilitating illness.  In addition, the PopCult Store will become a storehouse for the pieces I previously created for the benefit, and all proceeds from the PopCult Store will also go to Emily and Jeff until further notice.  You can read more about the awesome day of music and art for Emily here. So, now you have an added incentive to check out the Monday Morning Art store, and The PopCult store. And click on the image for a larger version.

UPDATED 4-2-08: Lumpy Topography is now available in the Monday Morning Art Store. Follow the links above.