This week, due to power outages while I was working on the art for today, I decided to use a piece that I’d done last weekend, and rejected (because of a big smudge that I couldn’t fix to my liking). This was from the same batch of cityscapes that I knocked out while my fingers were cooperating. As I said las week, with the world on hold, I haven’t been able to travel, and I find myself, just like the last two weeks missing Chicago. Here we have another random cityscape, doogled from memory, of some of the buildings in the Windy City.

Like last week, this was done with pastel crayons on airbrush paper, and then It was scanned through a layer of plastic to keep me from schmutzing-up my scanner. Because of that, I did a little color correction to make it look more like the original piece.

If you want to see it bigger, just click on the image.

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Due to the lockdown in the UK, the Haversham Recording Institute programs will be in rerun mode for the next few weeks.  Luckily we have a pretty extensive library of high-quality repeats to share with you.

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