This week’s art is an attempt to do another Edward Hopper style painting that, to be honest, I wasn’t physically able to complete to my satisfaction.

I’m really happy with the composition and the colors, but my brush work is pretty abysmal here, with my fingers hampered by the heat.

Chances are I’ll revisit this once our new tropical climate subsides and takes my Myasthenia Gravis along with it. At the moment I’m happier with the horrible pun I came up with for the title than I am with the painting itself.

It’s acyrlic on canvas, inspired by some photos taken at the Fiesta Tableware Outlet Store in Newell, last month.

To see it bigger try clicking HERE.

Meanwhile, Monday at 2 PM on The AIR, we offer up a brand-new episode of  Psychedelic Shack, followed at 3 PM by a brand-new episode of Herman Linte’s weekly showcase of the Progressive Rock of the past half-century, Prognosis.  You can listen to The AIR at the website, or on the embedded radio player elsewhere on this page.

We do not have playlists for our Monday shows this week, but Nigel Pye informs me that Psychedelic Shack opens with a “really long and groovy” live version of “Astronomie Domonie” by Pink Floyd, while Herman Linte tells me that Prognosis is devoted to a set of live music from Marillion.

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