This week we bring you a high-detail pencil sketch of a chunk of the Chicago Skyline. Since we can’t really travel at the moment, I decided to let my trusty Blackwing Palamino take us to the Windy City. Despite the heat, combined with my Myasthenia Gravis leaving me somewhat finger-impaired, I decided to try to pace myself and crank out this pencil drawing while watching WWE Sunday night. There was a lot of ruler use, along with some digital de-smudging once I got the drawing scanned. This was based on half a dozen photos from a 2017 trip up North.

If you want to see it bigger, just click on the image.

Meanwhile, Monday on The AIR, just like last week we have a special marathon of Six Degrees of Separation from 7 AM to 3 PM. You can hear four more in-depth interviews with local musicians, conducted by Tim Dorsey and Jason “Roadblock” Robinson at The Empty Glass. Today you can hear Lee Harrah, Sean Richardson, David Dunkley and John Inghram interviewed about four years ago. I’d love to have newer episodes of this show, but it’s tricky to bring all the parties together, especially with the pandemic.

At 3 PM on Prognosis, Herman Linte brings us a show devoted to the new Prog of 2020. That’s followed by a classic Prognosis and an evening of NOISE BRIGADE and Radio Free Charleston.

You can listen to The AIR at the website, or on this embedded radio player…