Why the title?  It’s “a wreath-a,” get it?

Sorry about that. Anyway, it’s Christmas Day. Above you see a quick and sloppy acrylic painting done on paper for pens and inspired by a big wreath in the Northbridge Shopping Center in Chicago. It’s not based on a photo, just on my memory, so any resemblance is purely amazing.

To see it bigger try clicking HERE.

Meanwhile, Monday  on The AIR,  the Christmas programming begins its last day this year as we devote one final big marathon to celebrating the holidays with special episodes of our regular programs, plus huge comglomerations of holiday music, radio plays, weird Christmas stuff and more. That runs until 7 AM Tuesday, when things get back to whatever passes for normal in this blog. I hope whoever might be reading this is having a great holiday and isn’t just browsing the web because there’s nothing else going on.