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Monday Morning Art: Self Indulgence

This week we kick out the arty jams with a celebration of my birthday.  To commemorate being older than I feel, I have Warholed myself, sort of.  This is a picture I took last week for the Radio Free Charleston MySpace Page, and since I’d digitally-assaulted it out the wazoo, I decided to combine the different versions of me into one big tapestry of Rudyness.  The joke here is that I shaved off the goatee right after I took this photo, so it’s not really current. 

As always, click the image to enlarge (if you want to break your computer monitors, that is). The Monday Morning Art Cafepress store is still be re-worked, so this image, which no sane person would want anyway, won’t be for sale until later this week.


  1. Mountain Woman Phd.

    I don’t know about the goatee. It looks almost distinguished in these photos, but on the last RFC it was a little scary.

  2. Longtime Listener

    Ooh, psychotronic Brady Bunch!

    You look like Kenny Rogers in the middle square.

  3. Elvis Capone

    Who is that a self-portrait of?

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