For the duration of the month of May, Monday Morning Art will present two pieces of art by your PopCulteer each week, based on his recent trip to Chicago.

This week we offer up two pieces done in different styles, both based on photos shot on the same day, about two hours apart.

Above you see some of the flowers in Millenium Park, painted over in a digital Pointallism style I would tell you what kind of flowers those were if I were in any way armed with any desire to possess that knowledge, but since that is not the case, I shall simply identify them as being of the “purty” variety. This piece was done for my lovely wife, who is a fan of Pointallism…and purty floers.

Below you see a shot of the Chicago Skyline, taken out of the third-floor window of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Art Wing, with plenty of the adjoining roof also in the picture. I fed this through the comic book filter for no particular reason besides I thought it would look cool. To see larger versions of each piece, click on the image.



Also of note Monday, we’re going to have a rerun day on The AIR. Our programming is all encore, but it’s all primo stuff, so you probably ought to tune in anyway. That, by the way, is something you can do at The AIR Website, or just hit the virtual button right here on this embedded radio player…