This week’s artistic kick-start is a digital oil painting I just finished, based on a piece I did with colored markers in a sketch book way back in 1989.  I scanned it and manipulated it to get it to look the way it does.  The original was called “Solitude,” and this was the ninth revision. After the jump, you can see some of the other steps I took along the way.

As always, you can click the image to see a larger version.  And you can also buy this image in the newly revamped Monday Morning Art Store.  Buy tons of stuff with this image so you can alrm your loved ones and annoy your co-workers.  They may never speak to you again! You can also follow these links to see my efforts in the PopCult store and the Radio Free Charleston store 

Here’s the original sketch, with a little contrast adjustment.

Here’s a later version, with color added and an attempt at a watercolor texture.

This version has had the aspect ratio changed, and is rendered in colored pencil. It was close, but not exactly what I was looking for.