pulse 012


I was horrified by the mass-murders at the Pulse nightclub when I heard the news.

I was horrified further when I spent too much time on social media discovering the almost instantaneous mad rush to spin this tragedy to further people’s political agendas. I had to log off the computer and go for a drive with my wife. When we got back, the nonsense had gotten worse. So I logged out of Facebook again, and made this digital painting. It’s simple, colorless and basically expresses my impotent rage, not only at the killer, but also at the people who refuse to do anything to even attempt to stop guns like the one used in this crime from falling into the hands of madmen.

I hate the fact that this seems to be all I can do about this horrible situation. We all need to do more, whether it’s voting to get money out of politics so that our elected officials would be forced to serve our best interests, or whether it’s just personally taking a stand against all bigotry and hatred. But for now I am numbed by the awfulness of the shootings, and this is all I can do. Click to enlarge.