Your PopCulteer is a bit under the weather this week. That’s why there was no Sunday Evening Video last night, and why today’s art is NOT from last Friday’s Twin Peaks edition of Dr. Sketchy’s.  Between a nasty computer virus and a real-world head-exploding sinus infection, I was in no shape to go out anywhere this weekend.

So in place of a Dr. Sketchy’s piece, I am bringing you a digitally-assaulted vintage pin-up photo, glommed from somewhere’s on the internet. As always, click the image to see it bigger.  The computer problem and swelling, itching brain are probably going to combine to delay Radio Free Charleston’s 150th episode until February.  It’s going to be a tribute to LiveMix Studio, and will be the first of at least five retrospective shows planned for 2012. I gotta go pill up now.