Fox News Cow

A couple of weeks back I was honored to have a couple of my pieces of art included in Ann Magnuson’s show, SurRURALism. I want to thank Ann and Mark Wolfe for picking a couple of the digital paintings I did for the show.  I had submitted five pieces, and they chose the best two of them for the show.

That means that there are three that haven’t been widely seen yet. Today I’m going to post two of the runners up. Above you see “FOX News Cow.” I had this image in my head of cows walking around with flatscreen televisions embedded in their sides. After thinking about it further, it occurred to me that most of those TVs would be annoyingly tuned to FOX News, just like almost every waiting room TV always seems to be. Hence the digital painting above.

Below you see “Cow Eat Cow.” This is a simple photograph, with a comic ceramic cow juxtoposed with real life cows. For some reason it did, and does, make me crack up. Click to enlarge.

Cow Eat Cow

Check PopCult later on Monday for our ninth-anniversary episode of Radio Free Charleston, with contributions from the aforementioned Ann Magnuson, as well as The Company Stores, Volt 9000, Speedsuit, Tape Age and more. Maybe a miracle will happen and they’ll actually plug this one in the paper!