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Monday Morning Art: Tempting Fate

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m slacking. Today’s art is a photo I took Saturday during FestivAll. Once again I was too busy with FestivActivities to create any new art. Still, it’s a cool picture.  Moments after this was taken, Mr. Peanut was dragged into the Peanut Shoppe and roasted alive.

To make up for the lack of new art this week, later today PopCult will present a photo essay of what we saw during FestivAll. You can preview a couple of pictures after the jump.  Because of trademark concerns, this one won’t be going up in the Monday Morning Art store.

Punk Jazz, we hardly knew ye

Punk Jazz performed at Davis Park, and we recorded them for Radio Free Charleston. From left to right in this composite photo are Eli Namay, Jimmy Holly, Chuck Biel and Casi Null.

Get up and boogie!

There was also dance in Davis Park, as you can see here.

Check back late Monday for the photo essay.


  1. Elvis Capone

    Far be it from me to hurl recriminations, but you should have killed Mr. Peanut when you had the chance. He was standing right there! It wouldn’t have taken any time or trouble. Just a quick snap of his spidery, fragile limbs, a stomp to his mush-filled, evil shell, and we would be rid of him forever! There isn’t even a legal penalty for killing a bug/legume clone-hybrid from hellspace.

    I would have done it myself, but the skin from my butt has grown over the toilet seat and I can’t leave the house right now.

  2. longtime Listener

    I’ll have what Elvis is drinking.

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