I first made this pun over 40 years ago, and I kept meaning to do a drawing, but it never got further than a quick doodle in a sketchbook.  Years later, Mark Wheatley did a great comic book called “Frankenstein Mobster,” which was basically the same pun, thought up independently, and executed with much better artwork and a great story.

However, Sunday I went to see Ann Magnuson’s Sururalism show at the WV Music Hall of Fame Museum, and Braxxie came up and I remembered both that, I’d made that joke years ago, and also that I didn’t have anything ready for the last “spooky” Monday Morning Art for October.

So I painted this real quick (it’s small) with the internet for visual reference (I’m never going to naturally know how to draw a gun, and fabric folds are tricky–especially with pinstripes), and you see the quick and sloppy results above. And now I can schedule the post so that I can go watch The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horrors. Maybe someday I’ll do a bigger version and clean up all the sloppiness in this one, and maybe give him a background or something. Maybe I’ll even put some detail on his head, which was mainly just painting through circle templates here.

If you want to see it bigger, lean in real close to your screen, or try clicking HERE.

Next week it’ll be that watercolor I promised you many weeks ago.

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We will begin the 2022 PopCult Gift Guide a week from today, and I’ll tell you all about that this coming Friday.