Okay, so it’s getting close to beating a dead horse, but after watching the implosion of Union Carbide Building 82 Saturday morning, I was inspired to sketch out a little doodle while at Taylor Books listening to Maya Nye and Tofujitsu later that evening. I know, I posted videos of the implosion here in PopCult for the last two days, but enough folks looking over my shoulder liked this drawing for me to use it here. Above you see a digital painting based on the sketch, and after the jump you can see the original sketch, done in black and red brush pens plus a fine-line marker. The Ghost of Building 82.

Click the images to enlarge. If they add more hours to the day, I’ll get around to updating the Monday Morning Art store.  Also, stay tuned to PopCult this Wednesday for the most incredible Radio Free Charleston ever!

The original sketch.