Known by locals as “The Donut Building,” This Chicago landmark was actually designed and built as a solution to a problem. The developer had purchased land to construct a suite of offices without checking to see if there were any special zoning ordinances. It seems he never realized that his land was directly in the flight path of O’Hare International Airport. Rather than reduce the height of his building, the developer had architects leave room in the middle for planes to fly through.

That story, just like the painting, is something I just made up for the surreal paintings of the Chicago skyline series, which has been running all month here in PopCult. Click the image to see it bigger.

And while you’re gazing at this loverly piece of digital painting, feel free to check out The AIR, over at the website, or on the schwifty little embedded player below, where you can listen to our great and unique programming. Of special note today is a new episode of Prognosis at 3 PM, which will bring you two hours of music from the American Prog-rock band, Starcastle, who seem to have unjustly sunk into obscurity.