Our art this week is a digital painting called “The Orb.” I suppose I should have chosen a different name so that it wouldn’t be confused with the electronic music group. I could have called it “An Orb,” but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well. And what good is an orb that doesn’t roll well?

Anyway this is a digital painting because the heat does a number on my Myasthenia Gravis, and my attempts to wield a pencil these last couple of weeks have been entertaining only in the comedic sense.  So I did this from scratch, rolled it in a ball and then piled on illumination effects to give it some depth.

If you want to see it bigger, just click on the image.

Meanwhile, Monday on The AIR, we have a special marathon of Six Degrees of Separation from 7 AM to 3 PM. You can hear four in-depth interviews with local musicians, conducted by Tim Dorsey and Jason “Roadblock” Robinson at The Empty Glass. Today you can hear Johnny Compton, Chris Ojeda, Aaron Fisher and The Horse Traders interviewed about four years ago. I’d love to have newer episodes of this show, but it’s tricky to bring all the parties together, especially with the pandemic. We will bring you four more episodes next Monday, and you can hear these classic interviews once in a while on our Saturday evening Live and Local program.

At 3 PM on Prognosis, Herman Linte brings us a show devoted to the music of Gong That’s followed by a classic Prognosis and an evening of NOISE BRIGADE and Radio Free Charleston.

You can listen to The AIR at the website, or on this embedded radio player…