It’s Christmas week, and we’re still in tree mode here at PopCult. What you see above is a digital pastel painting over a quick photo I took of our tree topper this year. After using a spire for the last 20 years or so, I thought it might be time to shake things up a bit, so when Mel picked out a realy cool and huge blown-glass peacock ornament in Chicago, I had the idea that, being so huge, it might make for a good tree topper.

So I took a photo Sunday afternoon, blacked out the background, and did a quick digital painting over it. I would’ve done a physical painting, but the Myasthenia Gravis is being a bit Naughty at the moment, and my fingers are not up to the task.

Later in the week I’ll bring you a photo essay of the whole tree, so you can see what this year’s model looks like.

If you want to see this digital painting bigger, click HERE.

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