We are going back to the Tiki Bar for this week’s Monday Morning Art. Like last week, while at Three Dots and a Dash, I was only armed with my Kodak Zi8, which is a great video camera, but not so great as a still camera, especially in low light. I took a few shots, like the one I based last week’s art on, but most of the others were too dark to be of any use.

But I had this one shot I took from our table, of the bar (before the crowd showed up in force), and I liked what little color and composition came through. So I fed it through a ton of brightness and contrast filters, then I painted over what was left, mainly using some digital Pointillism brushes that normally were too funky to work with my designs.

The end result is almost abstract, but there’s just enough detail that you can make out a night at the Tiki Bar in Chicago.

A quick and unrelated note to PopCult readers:  You can tune in to The AIR to hear a marathon of Radio Free Charleston that runs until Tuesday morning. Check it out at the website, or on this player…